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I am an Orinda native and UC Berkeley graduate, so I have a long history in the East Bay.  Allow me to help you find the right city or neighborhood for you!

Berkeley is a vibrant, culturally diverse city, just across the bay from San Francisco. It’s a place where new ideas spark new movements, from politics to experimental theater to new ideas in cooking.

Yet with so much going on, Berkeley is also a very livable city where you can hike in the hills, ride your bike through the flatlands and fly kites along the bay. Its residential architecture is renowned, with original Craftsman homes that add character to the city and set the standard for newer construction.


El Cerrito runs through the hills to the north of Kensington and Albany. This diverse and forward-thinking community is dedicated to creating an environmentally sustainable future through its Urban Greening Plan.

While the average El Cerrito home is modest (the city was founded by refugees from the 1906 earthquake), many hillside properties enjoy incredible views of the San Francisco Bay. Residents can take advantage of a variety of community-supported recreational areas.


Panoramic vistas, lush hills, a vibrant waterfront, plentiful open space, abundant cultural amenities and year-round temperate weather make Oakland and its many distinctive communities a very livable city.  Oakland is considered among the coolest, tech-centric, LGBT-friendly, delicious, walkable, diverse, green and best cities in America. Two of Oakland's neighborhoods, Rockridge and Montclair, were cited in a 2002 Money Magazine survey ranking the top places to live in the United States.  Both neighborhoods were recognized as "alternatives for people who want a big city lifestyle without the big city expenses."


Hidden in the beautiful Oakland Hills, Piedmont offers a small-town atmosphere with an excellent climate and excellent public schools. Its quiet, tree-lined streets lead to stately mansions and comfortable family homes built in the early 20th century.

Less than 2 square miles in size, Piedmont is a small city that puts a premium on quality family life.


With five city parks, children’s playground, public tennis courts and picnic facilities, it is a place where community residents enjoy a suburban lifestyle, just minutes away from the shopping, dining and nightlife of Oakland.


Kensington is a peaceful and charming town, nestled into the hillside north of Berkeley. It is a haven for families that want to be close to the action, but not in it. And the views from high above the San Francisco Bay are spectacular!

This small community is known for its top-rated elementary school, its quaint boutique store district and one of the most visited public libraries in the entire county. Its curvy tree-lined streets and cul-de-sacs enhance its charm and make it one of the East Bay’s most beautiful places to live.


Orinda is a suburban, semi-rural city of under 18,000 people. Numerous parks and recreation areas border the city, including Briones Reservoir, Briones Regional Park, Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area, Orinda Oaks Park, Huckleberry Botanic Regional Reserve, and Tilden Park.


Only 17 miles from San Francisco, Orinda is the perfect refuge for those who enjoy both evenings in the city and weekend hikes. Boasting some of California’s top public schools, Orinda is the perfect place to raise a family.


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